Investing carries the risk of fluctuations in the current value of the invested amount and the returns thereon, and the return on the amount originally invested is not guaranteed. The objectives of the investment policy of investment funds may not be achieved despite the use of professional care. Before any investment in investment funds, it is desirable to read the prospectus, key investor information and the half-yearly and annual management report. Neither the current nor the advertised return (HB Reavis Real Estate Investment Fund, sub-fund HBR CE REIF) is a guarantee of future return. More information here:

Investment in premium real estate. Four premium buildings in Bratislava and Aupark Hradec Kralove.


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About the Fund

CE REIF is an open-end real estate investment fund with an optimal 4 to 7-year investment period and a total annual return of approx. 5.9% since the beginning of the fund. The fund aims to acquire and manage assets in premium European locations.

12 years of experience

109k sq m portfolio size

premium portfolio

200+ lease contracts

prime tenants

Period Total Return p.a. NAV Growth p.a. Dividend Yield p.a.
2012 10,00% 5,06% 4,94%
2013 9,45% 4,00% 5,45%
2014 9,04% 4,12% 4,92%
2015 9,15% 3,95% 5,20%
2016 11,97% 5,65% 6,32%
2017 6,49% 0,06% 6,43%
2018 7,22% 0,45% 6,51%
2019 6,99% 0,48% 6,51%
2020 1,07% -4,52% 5,59%
2021 6,60% 0,32% 6,28%
2022 9,01% 2,82% 6,20%
2023 -29,33% -31,64% 2,30%

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  • 5 income-producing properties (4 office buildings and 1 shopping mall)
  • Altogether 109,000 sq m in its investment portfolio
  • A market value of €341 mil.
  • Well diversified: more than 200 lease contracts with an average lifetime of 4 years

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